When Slack questions get annoying (and what I did to solve that)


Defining the Problem

  • Slack users will pop into a support channel and ask a question that is frequently asked, maybe even earlier that same day
  • Conversations take place in one channel that may be relevant to questions that are asked in another channel, so information gets siloed
  • Documentation often doesn’t get written about topics that were discussed at length in Slack

Here we come, Slack App Directory

A pig rooting for Truffles in your Slack, get it?
Something useful Truffle found
Discreetly prompting the user when they ask a question
The results sent in a DM to the user

Does this solve the pain points?

Sounds great, I want it!



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Alexander Freas

Alexander Freas

Entrepreneur and founder, Truffle.bot. I’m working to make your life on Slack a bit easier every day. Writing about Slack tech and non-tech topics.